High security locks

Reliable high security locks protect your peace, assure exceptional safety, and help save your property. Right choice is very important here. So, what details are truly considered essential?

Choose high security locks correctly

All protection systems are classified according to some distinct criteria. Many factors should remain taken into account:

•    Lock assignment
•    Specifics of mechanism
•    The type and material of a door
•    The direction where a door is opened to
•    Security class

As for assignment, high security door locks home needs exist fixating or blocking. When talking about usage sphere, we can distinguish high security residential locks for entrance, interior, fire-resistant, both entrance and interior doors.

A very important thing is system mechanism. The most widespread of them are:

•    High security cylinder door locks, which are also sometimes called “English”. “Secret” cylinder is in the basis. Their advantage lies in possibility to change the cylinder without changing whole system; another benefit – the lock is really-really-really hard to break.
•    Disc systems. It contains a certain number of discs, combination from which is secret and demanding to open door.
•    Open-the-door code systems. A combination of figures is needed to get inside house or office.
•    High security electronic lock remains the best-of-all solutions for your safety and your property safety. Such systems can have movable mechanical parts, but can also have none of them and work due to a special magnet.

Actually, everyone can have his or her own criteria of choice. This is no wonder, since everything what is situated inside your dwelling remains safe only due to the best high security door locks. We suggest revising following aspects when selecting protection system:

–    The number of locks. It is desirable to have two systems you are sure in. But if you still choose one, it should stay very reliable.
–    The lock type. It would sound perfect to use protection of different types. For instance, one of them will remain especially needed when home owners are out for a long time or during night sleep.
–    Price matters. Cost often depends on producer. And, of course, it usually shows degree of reliability. But, first of all, pay your attention to technical peculiarities and characteristics your lock offered has to evaluate its quality and reliability.

Important! The system should remain installed on a safe and high-quality door, otherwise, all your expenditures and efforts will go in vain.

Criteria for choosing key system for an office door are fully alike. It is normal, since you have many things at work as well. This property needs protection, even if a sound-and-extremely-stable safe is situated inside.

Interior doors can also sometimes stay locked. The systems are chosen depending on: functionality (a simple lock or a “secret” system), design, material, coating, and size. Of course, requirements to interior door locks are lower than that to entrance door protective systems. What is more important here is durability, comfort, noiseless functioning.

It would be perfect if you see a professional before choosing a lock for dwelling and office, since only people with great experience will tell you, what your doors really “need”, what are peculiarities of your dwelling location, and what types are most reliable and needed. So, find a good company, which is always ready to help in an efficient way.

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